Throughout the week, we earn house points for demonstrating fantastic learning behaviour in class as well as showing our manners in and out of school.  These house points are then counted and Mrs. Coates then presents the house cup to the winning team in our celebration assembly each Friday.  The captain and vice-captain from the winning team are invited to give a short speech to encourage their house team to keep up the great work.

Each September, Year 6 students are invited to apply to be a captain or vice-captain.  They have to write a persuasive letter to the staff before being awarded a role.  Each role comes with a great deal of responsibility.  Throughout the year, it is the duty of the house captains and vice-captains to organise charity events, support new children coming into the school and lead by example.

During the year, we have special days where children are mixed up into their house teams to learn together, regardless of age.  These days build moral integrity as well as teamwork, resilience and a feeling of community.

Our house teams are RED, YELLOW, GREEN and BLUE.  


Latest News

We need you Year Six!  If you would like to apply for the position of House or Vice House Captain, please write your letter of application to Mrs. Coates by lunchtime of Monday 5th October 2020.


House Points

Cumulative totals Red Yellow Green Blue
September 2020        
October 2020        
November 2020        
This term's winners are:        


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