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Our teachers are: Mrs. Kent and Mrs. MacNeil

Our curriculum this year is: Reception Curriculum Map 

Our Early Years policy can be found here: EYFS Policy


Summer 2 2022

What an exciting half term we have ahead of us! We are really looking forward to our first school trip on a coach to Old Hunstanton. I am sure we all have fond memories of our own school trips when we were at school so we hope to make some wonderful memories for your child. Our theme this half term is the ocean, seaside and pirates. What fun! We are starting by reading Mrs Kent’s favourite book ‘Commotion in the Ocean’. We will also be writing our own poems about our favourite sea creatures which we can’t wait to read. We will be spotting the rhyming words. We cannot believe this is the last term for our children in Reception. We are so proud of their achievements in writing, reading and maths. They have all made some really good friendships in Reception and they are all looking forward with anticipation to moving into Year 1. We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to you as their parents and carers for your continued support with your child in their early stages of their education.

Summer 1 2022

This half term we will be learning the last few of our sounds that we need to know in Reception. We will then be concentrating on reading and writing words with these phonemes. It was great to hear at parents’ evening how lots of children are reading and writing at home with you. They children love reading and writing so much, and they enjoy doing this for pleasure which is wonderful. Keep up the good work. Our theme over the next few weeks is ‘Eggs, Dinosaurs and Fossils’. We are really looking forward to learning lots of information and reading books linked to this topic. We are learning about different animals that lay eggs. In maths we are now learning about numbers above 10. The children are getting really confident with numbers and giving explanations about numbers.

As part of understanding special events, this week we are learning about St. George’s Day and at the beginning of May we are talking about May Day. We are also looking forward to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations at the end of this half term. PE day continues to be on a Friday. Please make sure your child wears their ‘team’ colour t-shirt. Reading books will be changed on a Monday. Please make sure that book bags are in school every day.

Spring 2 2022

It is incredible how your wonderful children have flourished and grown since they started school in September. Many parents have commented to us how the children are keen to read and write at home in their play and self-chosen activities. We love seeing what they do at home on Tapestry as well. Keep posting the photos on there as these form an important part of your child’s learning journey. Keeping on the theme of growing this half term our focus is ‘Things that grow, mini-beasts and lifecycles’. We are looking forward to reading and sharing the books ‘The Tiny Seed’ by Eric Carle and ‘Superworm’ by Julia Donaldson. As Spring nears ever closer, we will also be spending time in our outside area and planting things that we hope will grow. If you have any plant pot, plants, seeds, etc. which you could donate to us we would be very grateful. We will also be having a visit from some ‘REAL LIFE’ minibeasts! We will be sending out a letter with more information about this.

We are also looking forward to some exciting activities this half term. This week we will be enjoying a Funky Cones session! World Book Say is on Thursday 3rd March.  This also marks the start of Cambridgeshire’s Festival of Stories. We will be undertaking some activities in school to celebrate this. There are also some exciting activities happening in Chatteris which you can take part in with your child.

We will continue learning our phonics sounds and actions. We will use these more and more to read and write words. In our Maths sessions, we will be learning more about numbers 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 including how to write them.


Spring 1 2022

This half-term the focus in Reception is ‘Fire, Dragons and Mythical Creatures’. We have already read a non-fiction book about a firefighter and the job they do. We are looking forward to learning about dragons and celebrating Chinese New Year. We are ending the theme by reading the book ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson. We are also going to have a surprise activity for all the children to share at school.

In Maths, we are working on numbers 0 to 5 and then 6, 7 and 8. In phonics we will continue to learn additional sounds and become more confident in using our phoneme fingers to blend them together to read words. We will also be learning more words that we just have to read from sight. In Reception we love singing and we will be learning some new songs related to our theme.

Remember P.E. is on a Friday and all children must come to school in their PE kit with appropriate footwear. If possible, children should be wearing a coloured T-shirt which links to their team colour. If you are not sure of your child’s coloured team it is on the front of their reading record book. This halfterm the focus is gymnastics and we will be making fun gym shapes.

The children are making really good progress with their reading. They will be heard to read by an adult in school at least once a week. Their books will be changed weekly on a Monday. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE listen to your child read their books at home. This will help them to become confident readers.

Autumn 2 2021

Our Christmas Nativity was a great success!  Here is Part 1 (which is password protected for the children's safety):

And here is Part 2:


5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Blast off!! This half term Reception are learning about ‘The Moon, Space and Aliens’. We will be reading some wonderful books linked to the theme and exploring the themed activities in our free play sessions over the next few weeks. This half term is also full of exciting festivals and events, such as Diwali, Bonfire Night, Children in Need and, of course, Christmas. We will be sharing all of our learning experiences on Tapestry, so please look at this and share the pictures with your children at home to ‘spark’ a conversation!

In phonics, we are continuing to learn our phase 2 sounds. Once again we will be sharing the sound that we have taught for the day and how to write it in pre-cursive on Tapestry. This will support both the children and yourselves if you are feeling a bit unsure. As the children are now learning their sounds, we are now giving them reading books with simple words. PLEASE try to read the books with your child throughout the week and write it in the reading record. Make reading the books fun. Perhaps you read a page and your child sounds out one word on the page. We want to make sure that children love reading and sharing books so if you can make this fun at home it would be fabulous. In Maths we will be learning about shapes, spatial awareness and positional language, measurements of time and concentrating on really learning lots and lots about numbers 1 to 5. We are also going to enjoy learning some fun number rhymes which we will share with you at home.

Remember PE lessons start on a Friday. Your child must come to school on a Friday dressed ready for PE and will stay in their PE kit all day.

Any questions please ask. If you have not activated your Tapestry account please write your name and your email address on a piece of paper and give it to Mrs. Kent or email ckent@kingsfield.cambs.sch.uk

Autumn 1 2021

We are really excited to welcome all the new children into our Reception classes. Over the next two weeks we will be getting to know all of the children in Reception. We will be establishing our expectations for playing and learning. The children will be learning the rules for our classes and the routines for the day. Each child has an allocated key person. Your child’s key person is their named class teacher. If you have any questions or queries, please direct them to your child’s key person in the first instance.

Our topic this half term is ‘Me and My Family’. Within this, we will be doing activities related to the people who are most important in our lives. Later on in the half term, we will be learning about pets and houses and homes. We will be focussing our English learning on active listening and developing our vocabulary. As part of our topic, please could all children bring in photos of their family and pets. We will use these as part of our ongoing activities.

In Reception, all the adults love books and reading so we will be sharing lots of wonderful books based on our topic. We also enjoy singing and we are going to be learning lots of songs! The children now have many fantastic areas to access, indoors and out. Please do keep asking your child about their day at school. Be warned though, they will be very tired at the end of every day!! We will not start PE lessons until after October half term. It will then be on a Friday and children will need to come to school in their PE kit. House colours have been allocated so children’s tops will need to reflect the colour of their house.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE NAME ALL OF YOUR CHILD’s CLOTHING! They will lose jumpers etc. and it is so much easier to sort through 50 jumpers and give them back to the correct child when they have their name in them. Thanking you in advance.



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