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Our teachers are:  Mrs. Culyer and Miss. Reid


September 2021

This term, our core theme is our school. We will be answering the question, 'How has our school changed?' We will learn about the original site of the King Edward School through a visit to the community centre where the school was previously situated. We will also learn how our school has changed in more recent years when Burnsfield Infant School amalgamated with King Edward School, creating our current primary school. To further investigate the history of our school site, we will have a guided walk around our school from a former pupil of both Burnsfield Infants and King Edward School. Additionally, we will also explore many photographs and artefacts relating to school loaned to us from Chatteris Museum.

In English, we will enter a world of folk tales, studying 'The Necklace of Raindrops' which includes several short folk tales. The children will focus on retelling stories, creating story maps, using expanded noun Week ending: 10.09.21 Kingsfield Chronicle Ready, Respectful, Safe phrases, adjectives and adverbials. They will also learn how to write instructions as we share 'The Gigantic Turnip'. Each Friday, we will focus on grammar, punctuation and spellings skills. In Guided Reading, we will be reading a range of texts by well-known authors. Handwriting will be taught daily. In Phonics, the children will work at their own stage as well as the stage expected for their year group. Spellings, which will be linked to phonics, will be sent home on a Friday for testing the next Thursday.

In Maths, we will review our learning from Year One before focusing on place value followed by addition and subtraction. Our daily maths meetings will ensure we revisit learning and think about areas of maths such as time, money and shape. In PSHE, we will learn about different types of families and friendship. In RE, we will study Christianity, thinking about Jesus' life and teachings. Science will help us learn all about materials and their properties. In P.E, we will learn circus skills as well as team games using a range of equipment. In Art, we will learn about the local artist Fred Ingrams and create our own Fenland landscape masterpieces after a walk to study the local landscape. Computing will see us learn to use basic coding to create games. In Music, we will enjoy singing together and using body percussion.

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