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Our teachers are:  Mrs. Dickinson / Mrs. Hunter and Miss. Lott

September 2021

This half term our topic will be ‘The Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age’. We will place the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age in chronological order and then we will be learning all about these times as well as making informed comparisons between them. We will learn what changes happened during this period, what caused them and how they impacted on the lives of the people from these times.

Using the texts ‘The First Drawing’ and ‘Ug – A Stone Age Genius’, we will be learning new grammar skills in English and writing our own explanation texts and narratives. In Maths, we will develop our sense of number through learning about the place value in four digit numbers. In Science, we will be learning all about rocks and soils. We will be investigating the properties of rocks and will be exploring fossils, as well as making our own!

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