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March - Remote Learning 

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Week Beginning Monday 1st March 2021

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Year 3 Week Beginning 1.3.21


January and February - Remote Learning

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November 2020

This term Year 3 are following on from the Stone Age and looking at life in the Bronze Age. We are studying their way of life, from weapons to homes. This follows through with Science as we are studying rocks and soil. We will be comparing different rocks and fossils, looking how they are formed from animals and vegetation through the ages.

We are doing D.T. this term and will be designing and making a container / box which could have been used by the Stone Age for storing equipment. Please send any small boxes in that we can use.

We are reading 'Ug, Boy Genius' and using this as a starting point in English. We will be looking at different forms of writing, which include, stories, diary writing and poetry. In maths, we are focussing on multiplication and division; we are revising the times tables and using these to work out calculations and word problems.

October 2020

Year Three have been thoroughly enjoying learning about the Stone Age this half term. To get children thinking about how we know about the past, the children carried out mock archaeological digs, which they thoroughly enjoyed.  We read a story called ‘The First drawing’ which links very nicely with the Cave art we have been doing.  The children produced some really lovely cave drawings of their own using chalk pastels and watercolours.

In Science, we have been looking very carefully at rocks and grouping them according to their properties.  We have also been finding out about how the three different categories of rocks -igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic - are formed.  We read a fascinating explanation text called ‘The Pebble in my pocket’, which led us on a journey of a pebble from when the Earth was first formed 480 million years ago to the present date. 


Year 3 October Curriculum

September 2020

This half term, 3M and 3T are excited to be learning about The Stone Age. We are learning about the developments made during the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic stages. We have thought about how we find out about the past from different sources and have already carried out our own Archaeological digs. We will be learning about the Stone Age diet and how the Stone Age man went from being Nomadic to living in settlements and about the tools that they used. We will be using charcoal and chalk pastels to draw cave paintings in Art. In Science, we are looking at rocks and soils and how they are formed. In Maths, we will be learning about place value, learning the value of digits in numbers to 1000, placing numbers on a number line and finding 1, 10 or 100 more or less than a given number, comparing numbers to 1000, counting in 50s and then moving on to addition and subtraction. P.E. is on Thursdays and we are covering striking and fielding. We are covering explanation texts and historical stories in English.

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