Welcome to our page for Year 4 children!


Our teachers are: Miss. Corrigan and Miss. Rushmer

September 2021

This half term our topic will be ‘Roman Britain’. Using the trilogy ‘Journey’, ‘Quest’ and ‘Return’ by Aaron Becker, we will write recount texts in role as a character from the books and write a fantasy story based on the world they explored.

In Maths, we will develop our sense of number through learning about the place value in four digit numbers. In Science, we will investigate states of matter through looking at solids, liquids and gases and the adaptions to the particle arrangements that take place when they change from one state to another. We will then be learning about Roman Britain, linking to our English work.

We will study the invasions of Britain by the Roman Empire and the impact it had. RE will focus on Christianity, particularly looking at the different saints. PSHE will enable us to explore our emotions and find appropriate strategies to manage them.

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