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Our teachers are: Miss. Rose and Miss. Rushmer

Our curriculum this year is: Year 5 Curriculum Map


Spring 1 2023

This half term, our topic is the Mayans where we will be exploring the Mayan civilisation and what was going on around the world at the same time. We will be learning about the importance of the Mayans and different roles within the civilisation such as farmers, craftsmen and slaves. In Science, our learning will build on our knowledge of gravity, as well as other forces such as air resistance, water resistance and friction. We will be experimenting how different mechanisms require a greater or smaller force. Our Art work will support our understanding of the Mayan’s belief systems as we create a Mayan calendar. In PSHE, we will be learning about personal safety and understanding how we can keep ourselves and others safe. Our French topic will be food, where we will learn the names of different foods as well as how to order food in French. In Computing, we will be using Crumble kits to investigate physical computing where we will be connecting parts to make a circuit using a microcontroller. We will be reading the Roald Dahl classic ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ in English and completing a range of writing pieces based upon this. In Maths, we will be revisiting rounding and fractions and will be learning about properties of shapes including their angles.

Autumn 2 2022

This half term, our Geography half term is ‘Modern Day Greece’. We will be building on our knowledge of Ancient Greece and comparing how the country has changed and what landmarks are still there for tourists to visit. In Science, we are continuing with our topic on ‘Earth and Space’ and will be learning about how times zones vary in different countries as well as continuing to learn about aspects of the Solar System. In D.T. we will be combining different fabric shapes to design and create Greek sandals using sewing skills. Our R.E topic will be continuing with Christianity. We will be focusing on anti-bullying in PSHE, including thinking about the emotions that are involved with bullying situations and who we can ask for help. This will link to our Computing unit on Online Safety. On Wednesdays we will be going swimming and in P.E., we will be using teamwork skills to play invasion games such as football and basketball. We will be learning the school subjects and how to tell the time in French. On Friday 25th November, we will be visiting the National Space Centre, which we are sure the children will really enjoy and learn lots of new information to apply to our Science topic!

Autumn 1 2022

This half term, our topic is the Greeks. In History, we will be investigating Ancient Greece, including the lasting impact that they had on the world such as the alphabet, democracy and the Olympic Games. We will be using our knowledge of Greek pottery to create our own Greek vases using papier-mâché in Art.

Our Science topic is based around Earth and Space where we will be discussing how the Moon appears to change shape. We are going to learn about the different planets as well as how different orbits occur.

In PSHCE, we are going to be learning about ourselves and our relationships with family and friends. In Music, we are learning to sing and play instruments to Bon Jovi ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’, which we are sure the children will love!

Our PE topics include Table Tennis which will be on a Tuesday and Swimming on a Wednesday. In Computing, we will be investigating how the internet connects us through networks.

Children will continue to use TT Rockstars to consolidate their multiplication tables knowledge and will have a reading book to read daily


Summer 2 2022

In Year 5 this half-term, we are exploring a variety of guided reading texts. We have started with ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ by Lynne Cherry and will be moving onto the famous story of ‘King Kong.’ In our English lessons this half term, we will be looking at another two genres of writing: explanation texts and play scripts. We have begun with writing explanation texts about living things found in the rainforest. This will support our continuing topic of ‘The Amazing Amazon’ where we will be looking at what a rainforest is and the make-up of other biomes. In maths this half term, we will be studying geometry with a focus on properties of shape and position and direction. Towards the end of the term, we will be moving on to converting between units of measure and calculating volume of shape. Our science topic will link with P.S.H.E. this half term. We will be looking at how humans change throughout their lives and this will include our relationships and sex education topic where we will be answering the big question, ‘How does my body change during puberty?’ In R.E., we are continuing with our study of Judaism. We will be focusing on Jewish celebrations and comparing those to celebrations we have in our own lives. We will end the half term by comparing Judaism to the previous religions we have studied.

Summer 1 2022

In Year 5 this half term, our new Guided Reading text is an exciting tale from Eva Ibbotson called, ‘Journey to the River Sea.’ It follows the adventures of Maia and her trip to the Amazon rainforest to live with her long lost family. From this text, we will focus on two writing genres: persuasion and discussion texts, starting with a persuasive piece about if schools do enough to support the slowing of deforestation. In Maths this half term, we will begin by focusing on adding and subtracting decimals before moving onto statistics and geometry modules.

Science will see us explore life cycles and answer our big question: ‘Are all life cycles the same?’ The children have already begun their study by looking at the life cycles of various living things. In Geography, we will begin our topic on Rivers. In the topic, we will study various aspects about rivers including how they are formed and how they change the land around them. We are in the final stages of planning our trip to Ferry Meadows at the end of May to compete the ‘living rivers’ study day (more details to follow very soon!).

In RE, we are beginning our study of Judaism and answering our big question: ‘What does it mean to be Jewish?’ PSHE will see us explore drugs (both legal and illegal) and how they help or hinder people’s lives.

Spring 2 2022

In Year 5 this half term, our new Guided Reading text is the first in the popular book series, ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events.’ We will be using two poems this half term to support our writing of narratives and a range of poetry: ‘The Highwayman’ and ‘The Lady of Shallot.’ In maths, we are going to be building on our fraction knowledge by exploring decimals numbers and percentages. Towards the end of the term, we will be finding areas and perimeters of shapes.

Science will see us explore properties of materials and the changes they go through when mixed in different ways. Our history will see us continue to study the ‘Maya Civilisation.’ We will exploring how their society was built up and linking it to our DT where we will be creating a Mayan feast.

In R.E., we will continue our study of Buddhism and link this to how a person could reach enlightenment. PHSE will see us explore our emotions where we will discuss various feelings and how to deal with them.

Spring 1 2022

In Year 5 this half-term, we are looking at the ‘Maya Civilisation’. We will be reading the Roald Dahl classic ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ From this, we will be writing a diary entry that explores the protagonist’s (Charlie) feelings when he receives chocolate for his birthday. We will also be exploring our inner journalist and writing about events that happen throughout the story. To go with our ‘Maya Civilisation’ topic, we will be studying artefacts that show us how the Maya people lived. We will also focus on the Geographic location of where the Maya Civilisation were in the world.

In Maths, we will be focusing on fractions for the half term, specifically looking at adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions. Our Science topic will focus upon forces and we will be taking part in lots of experiments to support this.

In R.E., we will focus on Buddhism and how the teachings of Siddhartha (The Buddha) are still applied across the faith today. We will also explore how the teachings of Buddhism can be compared to the teachings of Christianity. PSHE will see us explore our ‘Persona

Autumn 2 2021

In Year 5 we are developing our understanding of ‘Ancient Greece’ by studying a new book called ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.’ It is a book that many of you may know well and we look forward to writing a recount and a non-chronological report based on it over the next few weeks.

In Maths, we will be focusing on multiplication and division. We will explore factors and square numbers as well as learning the written methods for multiplication and division. Science will prvide ample opportunities for our children to continue exploring Earth and Space, with a particular focus this half term on how our place in the solar system affects night and day.

In a few weeks, we will come to a conclusion on our study of ‘Ancient Greece’ and the legacy the Greeks left behind. As the topic comes to a close, we will be focusing on modern day Greece, making comparisons between the two. We are also very much looking forward to our Greek Day from ‘History Off the Page’ on the 16th November – more details to follow very soon! In RE, our Christianity topic will continue by looking at our question ‘Who do people say Jesus is?’ We will tackle this question through various mediums of art, allowing us to explore stories and representations of Jesus. We cannot wait to continue working with you throughout this term!

Autumn 1 2021

In Year 5 this half term, we are looking at ‘Ancient Greece’. We will be reading the hilarious book ‘Who Let the Gods Out’ by Maz Evans. From this, we will be writing our very own mythical story as well as a piece of persuasive writing. In Maths, we will be focusing on the value of numbers and will explore the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) using numbers up to 1 million. Our Science will see the children explore Earth and Space and we will learn about why we get day and night and what planets are in our solar system. We will even get to learn about how the famous Stonehenge used to be so important in astronomy. To go with our ‘Ancient Greece’ theme, we will be studying their time as great rulers, their society build up as well as making a modern take on an Ancient Greek vase.

In RE, we will focus on Christianity and how the teachings of Jesus are still applied across the faith and to those who do not follow it. PSHE will see us explore our ‘beginning and belonging’ unit where we will discuss how we fit in and how we can help our friends when they need us.

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