Reception’s Visit to Hunstanton

Reception enjoyed their first ever school trip last week. They went to Old Hunstanton and had a fun filled day on the beach. The children were really well-behaved the whole day and we were very proud of them all. Lots of members of the public commented on the children’s enthusiasm for learning and their exceptional behaviour. They are a credit to our school.

The coach trip started off the day and the children enjoyed the experience. We played lots of games such as ‘I spy’ and sang some songs. When we arrived at the beach we had lots of exciting activities waiting for us to explore. The children said they enjoyed paddling in the sea!! We did get a little bit wet, but we soon dried off! Building sandcastles, decorating them with shells and stones, and making flags for them was a hit. We even explored in the sand dunes and Mrs MacNeil’s group were invited in to look at a very posh beach hut!

We ended the day with a delicious ice cream. The coach trip on the way back was quieter with lots of children falling asleep dreaming about their exciting day.

A huge thank you to all the family members who helped us on the day. It would not have been possible without you all.

Mrs. Kent

EYFS Leader