Year 5 Careers Work

On Thursday of last week, the Year 5 girls had a trip to Stainless Metalcraft.  Their trip was a small part of National Manufacturing Day which is a celebration of all things manufacturing. As part of the trip, the girls were able to explore the factories, learn about the robots used to make lots of different products and create a tower of their own using the skills they had discussed.  This has formed part of the work we have been completing about careers in Year 5. 

While the girls were out of school, our boys undertook work about different careers and the qualifications and training needed for these.  They attempted a call with an ex-RAF policeman however technology failed and this is being rearranged for next week. 

This week all of Year 5 had a virtual visit from a HGV petrol tanker driver who spoke about his career.  The children asked some very interesting questions and were fascinated to find out why petrol tankers are cylindrical.

Our children have really enjoyed learning about the world of work and we will continue to provide opportunities to learn more about this.