As per Government advice, Kingsfield will be open for all pupils from 8th March 2021. 

We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding school life and the current pandemic.  Please let us know if there is anything else you would like us to add to the page.  

As part of the pandemic support package, the Government has allocated a funding stream to every school.  Please find our catch up funding statement here and our remote learning policy here. Our Remote Education Provision Information for Parents can be found here

Last updated: 01.03.21


Trust and School Communications

Lockdown procedures 05.01.21

Latest risk assessment 01.03.21


Government Advice

Where can I find the DfE's parental guidance? It can be found here.

Where can I find the DfE's guidance on shielding and the clinically vulnerable?  It can be found here.

Am I a critical worker? The definition can be found here.


General School Day Arrangements

What time does my child start / finish school?  We will be following the staggered timings as we did last term. We kindly request that you are prompt to the timings listed so that we can keep the number of people on school site to an absolute minimum.

                                               Arrival                 Collection

Early Years and Year 6          8:30                     2.45

Years 1 and 3                        8:35                     2.50

Years 2 and 4                        8:40                     2.55

Year 5 and Nursery               8:45                     3.00

Please be aware that gates will be locked promptly by 8:55 and 3:10. 

How do I drop / collect my child from school? Your child should be dropped off and collected from school in the usual way at the time indicated above. All children need to be collected from their classroom door; we will not be releasing children to walk around the site to meet parents / carers. Children who have permission to walk home alone will be released as usual.

Does my child have to attend?  We are currently open to all children. It has been made very clear to schools that usual attendance procedures should now be implemented once again. This means that attendance will be monitored closely and the expectation is for all children to attend punctually on a daily basis.

Can my child bring in equipment from home?  As before, please ensure that your child does not bring to school any toys or equipment. Packed lunch boxes are really the only object required. School uniform is an expectation on all days except that of the class’ PE lesson.

Will children and staff need to wear face masks?  Children will not need to wear a mask.  We will be asking staff to do so in communal areas such as the staffroom and front office when dealing with visitors.  They will not be wearing masks in front of the children unless there is a suspected case of Covid-19 with a child.  We are encouraging parents and visitors to wear face masks whenever entering the school office.

Will children mix with other year groups during the day? We have established year group bubbles and will endeavour to keep them separate from other year groups during the day.

What will happen at lunch and breaktimes?  Lunch will be in sittings as usual in both halls. Children will be called to the halls in year group bubbles and tables will be separated according to guidance.  Break times will be staggered but there will be separate areas for each year group bubble.  

Will there be hot lunches available?  Yes.  We will be offering a simplified service of hot lunches during this Lockdown period.

Can my child bring in a lunchbox?  Yes and it will be kept within the bubble.

My child goes home for lunch so what do I need to do? Where possible we like children to stay for lunch due to the positive interactions that they have with each other.  However, if there is an existing arrangement, we will escort your child to the school office for you as the parent to collect.  We ask that you remain socially distanced from any staff that you may encounter. 



Will my child have access to a full curriculum?

We will be offering a full curriculum as in the Autumn Term. In light of the significant number of children who have been learning from home, we will be undertaking some baseline assessments but these will be done in a low threat manner so as to not add any further anxiety to your child/ren. Mrs. Stephens will be available to support individual children and families so please do let her know if you have any concerns about the return to school.
Learning resources will no longer be uploaded to the school website after Friday 5th March. The Learning Wall will continue so examples of work within school and homework images will still be uploaded on a regular basis.
To support mental health of children, Mrs. Culyer has introduced Wellbeing Wednesdays. From next week, all classes will have a class assembly that covers wellbeing and mental health. This will be in addition to PSHE lessons.



We are currently open to all children. It has been made very clear to schools that usual attendance procedures should now be implemented once again. This means that attendance will be monitored closely and the expectation is for all children to attend punctually on a daily basis.



What happens if my child becomes unwell?  If your child becomes unwell while in school, a member of school staff will contact you immediately. Your child will be isolated from their peers and remain with a single member of staff who will be wearing PPE.  It is therefore essential that the contact details that we have for you are up to date. Please contact the school office if you think that your details may need updating. If your child becomes ill whilst at home and is unable to attend school, please contact the school office so that our attendance registers can be updated.

What happens if one of our family becomes unwell with suspected Covid-19?  If you or a family member suspects that they may have contracted Covid-19, then the family should self-isolate and order a test for all family members living in the house. Children should not be sent into school if they, or a family member in the same household, has suspected Covid-19.


Cleaning and Hygiene

What will happen with enhanced cleaning?  There will be additional cleaning during the day.  Everyone coming into school will be encouraged to wash their hands and / or use hand sanitiser on a regular basis.  Hand sanitiser stations will remain at key points around the school and children will be asked to wash their hands frequently throughout the day.



How should my child travel to school?  Wherever possible, we ask families attending school to walk maintaining social distancing from other adults and children.  If a car is to be used, the advice is that there should only be one household present within the vehicle. 


Risk assessment

Our most recent Risk Assessments can be found here:

Kingsfield 01.03.21 Risk Assessment


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