We want to support the wellbeing and mental health of every child and member of staff at our school. 



We want to make sure our children can identify how they are feeling along with applying taught strategies to help themselves. Each week we have Wellbeing Wednesdays and Thinking Thursdays where staff lead a class assembly on relevant themes. They also teach children how to support themselves by using different strategies such as meditative breathing, identifying problems and undertaking conflict resolution.

We also have Zones of Regulation embedded across the school. Children and staff use the zones to identify how they are feeling at a given time and are taught strategies to move between the zones appropriately. We love having children talk about their feelings but also the actions they need to take to make things a bit better!


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We have pledged a commitment to supporting staff mental health and wellbeing through the DfE's Wellbeing Charter.  More information can be found here.

Just like we want children to be safe, we want our staff to be too.  Our school has signed up to the MHST service which supports staff wellbeing.  We have carried out questionnaires with staff to find out about wellbeing and if there is anything else we can do to support each other.  Our team work together and look out for each other; senior leaders have an open door.  Staff also have free access to the Emotional Wellbeing Service which offers confidential support and counselling.

We have tried to improve staff wellbeing, including the reduction in workload.  Key policies are worked on together to consider workload implications and we ensure staff meetings are only once a week with a limit of an hour.  We try to accommodate staff requests for discretionary leave and we encourage each other to be supportive.  Initiatives, such as a book share and cake bakes to raise funds for healthy and sweet treats, are encouraged and supports positive staffroom dialogue.    

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