Attendance Expectations

We want children to be in school so that they are able to learn.  As a parent / carer, you have the legal responsibility to get your child into school on time.  Our whole school target is 96% attendance throughout the year.  At the end of each term, children are awarded with certificates if they achieve 100% attendance.

There have been significant changes to attendance requirements and those with parental responsibility can be fined if attendance drops below certain figures.  In school, we analyse the attendance data at least monthly, looking for key trends or emerging issues.  We are linked with an Educational Welfare Officer (EWO) who visits on a termly basis.  The EWO meets with staff to ensure all children's attendance is where it should be.  Where attendance issues have been identified, the school and the EWO decide on the level of support that the parents need to resolve the situation.  Letters will be sent to parents so that they are fully aware of their children's attendance figures.

Sometimes families find it difficult to get into school.  Let us know as we are here to help you! 



We understand that many of you are nervous about the pandemic and the affect it has on children.  As per our 'Coronavirus-FAQs' page, we still expect high attendance from your children but understand that there will be occasions when absence will be authorised, such as self-isolation.  Please let us know as soon as you can if there is a potential risk of Covid-19 so that we can ensure the appropriate support is issued to your family and to the wider school population.

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