Our approach to assessment is simple.  We take each child's starting point and plan accordingly.  We then review the learning and adjust plans as necessary.  This means that our assessment is on-going throughout the day, culminating in more formal-style testing at the end of each half-term.  The Active Learning Trust use an assessment system called PixL.  This works brilliantly with our approach to assessment as it has online tests and learning activities that can then be used diagnostically.  If a child finds a particular aspect of learning difficult, PixL can pinpoint exactly what it is and provide learning opportunities to support the child.

Each half-term, children are assessed for core subjects against the National Curriculum framework using PixL assessments and teacher judgements.  If we feel that children need additional work on any particular area, they may be asked to work in a 'dynamic group' with the class teacher, a TA or indeed our Specialist Intervention Teacher (Mrs. Pearson).  

The data is collated on a programme called Target Tracker.  Foundation subjects are assessed termly and uploaded to Target Tracker as well.  This means we have a thorough understanding of every child's needs.


Self assessment

We also expect children to respond to their own feedback and use a system of 'purple pen' editing.  Children are given time to look at their work, improve it in light of feedback or re-read and correct any mistakes.  This gives children the opportunity to learning editing skills but to also take control of their learning.  We encourage children to access feedback in a positive way as this supports resilience and you certainly do learn from your mistakes. 


Assessment Protocol for parents

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