Each year we decide upon the key areas for improvement across the school and write a lengthy document known as the School Development Plan (SDP).  The staffing team then work together to complete the actions.  Please find below a summary of the 2021-2022 priorities that we have agreed together to work on:

1. Communication

This priority is about developing children’s ability to communicate with each other and develop an ever-increasing vocabulary.  Without the skills needed to communicate, other aspects of learning are really difficult to access.  We are also looking at ways in which we communicate with parents and the local community.

2. Reading

This is a fundamental life skill that allows children to access the school’s curriculum but, more importantly, develop a love of books.  Our focus this year is on early reading including phonics and developing our reading for pleasure work.  

3. Curriculum

Last year, a school curriculum was written around the needs of our children and locality.   This year we are embedding this curriculum and empowering our subject leaders to take ownership so that they can enliven and enrich their areas.

4. Early Years

We want our foundation stage to utterly incredible and so we are focusing on developing the areas, purchasing new resources and ensuring that our curriculum runs from Nursery through Early Years and then into the rest of the year groups. 

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