Our Reading Scheme

Our reading scheme is based around the Oxford Reading Tree.  We have added many other books to this to help the children develop a broader reading experience and to help them develop a love of reading.  For the academic year of 2020 and beyond, we are please to  share with you a new reading map

From this, we hope you can see a breadth of texts that are aspirational and interesting.  By the time our children leave Year 6, we want them to have read a great deal of high quality literature in class and for pleasure.  After all, to be a fantastic writer, you need to have experience of fantastic reading.



Throughout Early Years and Key Stage 1, staff plan daily phonic sessions based on the systematic synthetic phonics programme, 'Floppy's Phonics'. This programme follows the order of introducing the 44 sounds of the English language, matching the order in the DfE document 'Letters and Sounds.' It teaches the letter/s-sound correspondence of the English alphabetic code explicitly and comprehensively for reading, spelling and handwriting and has rigorous inbuilt daily revision to ensure that every child succeeds with phonics. 

Regular tracking of children's progress in EYFS and KS1 happens to identify any gaps in learning.  At the end of KS1, children are expected to take a national test for phonics.  Those who do not pass are requested to have a retest in the summer of Year 2.

Reading for Pleasure 

At Kingsfield, we believe that reading for pleasure should be a fundamental part of childhood and we aim to develop life-long readers.  We actively encourage reading for pleasure and have made it a core part of every child's educational entitlement, regardless of background or attainment. 

We have a dedicated library which children can visit in lessons and during their free time.  Children have the opportunity to read in school at different times of the day in groups, cohorts and individually.  Some of the ways that we promote reading include:  

  • Sending home quality texts for home reading
  • Reading alongside adults within school who promote a love of reading
  • Sharing whole books as a class and inviting parents in to join us
  • Shared reading with peers
  • Author visits
  • Celebrating reading events such as World Book Day
  • Ensuring high quality texts are available in the school library and in classes
  • Ensuring that reading areas are attractive, comfortable and inviting and contain a wide range of books and variety of texts in differing formats

We believe that the encouragement of reading for pleasure in our school will:

  • Have a positive impact on attainment in reading and writing
  • Improve the children's use and understanding of vocabulary
  • Encourage a passion for reading in later life
  • Improve a child's self confidence in reading, encouraging them to view themselves as readers.


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