Senior Leadership Team    
Mrs. K. Coates Headteacher / Designated Safeguarding Officer / PREVENT Lead  
Mrs. J. Bolton Assistant Headteacher - Assessment  
Miss. P. Candish Assistant Headteacher - Curriculum  
Mrs. L. Read Assistant Headteacher and SENDCo - Inclusion and Behaviour / Designated Safeguarding Officer / LAC and Post-LAC Lead  
Mrs. S. Surtees Interim School Business Manager (part-time)  
Inclusion Team    
Mrs. D. Pearson Specialist Intervention Teacher  
Ms. C. Stephens Family Care Manager and Designated Safeguarding Lead / Domestic Abuse Lead   
(also member of SLT)    
Office and Site Team    
Mrs. K. Edgley Finance Assistant  
Ms. S. Marsden Administrative Assistant  
Mr. B. Stanbridge Site Manager  
Mrs. Y. Wadlow Office Manager   
Teaching Team Listed by year group  
Mrs. C. Edmonds Reception and EYFS Leader  
Mrs. H. MacNeil Reception  
Mrs. S. Grigg Year 1  
Ms. E. Panteli Year 1  
Miss. E. Rushmer Year 2  
Miss. E. Reid Year 2  
Miss. S. Taylor / Mrs. J.Bolton Year 3  
Mrs. C. Mills Year 3  
Miss. L. Payne Year 4  
Miss. S. Corrigan Year 4  
Miss. A. Thomas Year 5  
Mrs. A. Dickinson / Miss. P. Candish Year 5  
Mrs. L. Culyer Year 6  
Miss. L. Lott Year 6   
Teaching Assistants By alphabetical order  
Mrs. T Baker Miss. S. Marshall  
Mrs. V. Barbault (HLTA) Mrs. A. Matthews  
Mrs. C. Butler Miss. S. McCullough  
Miss. C. Clark Miss. W. Murphy  
Mrs. N. Collins Ms. B. O'Neill  
Mrs. S. Cutting (HLTA) Mrs. S. Palmer  
Mrs. T. Glendenning (HLTA) Mrs. K. Petriello  
Mrs. S. Hay Mrs. E. Rickwood  
Mrs. M. Henry Mrs. M. Stanbridge  
Mrs. V. Holt Miss. H. Warne  
Mrs. S. Jenkins Mrs. K. Weedon  
Mrs. C. Marshall    
Catering Team By alphabetical order  
Mrs. J. Miller Catering Assistant  
Mrs. D. Oldale Catering Manager  
Mrs. D. Huggins

Catering Manager

Cleaning Team By alphabetical order  

Mrs. M. Fox

Ms. H. Harrison    
Miss. W. Murphy    
Ms. K O'Shea    
Mrs. M. Stanbridge    


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