Subject Leader within the school is:  Ms. Lucca



Through the study of French as a Modern Foreign Language in Key Stage Two, it is our aim that children will understand and respect other cultures, develop their communication skills and develop the ability to be ready to succeed in a global community.


Weekly lessons cover a range of enjoyable and fun activities designed to engage different learning styles and abilities, with emphasis on repetition of games, rhymes and songs which help to reinforce memory.


At Kingsfield, children are taught by a native speaker to provide an excellent model of the spoken language as well as to involve the children in learning about the culture of France. Planned French themed days offer the opportunity to use children’s language skills for practical purposes and entertain families with their knowledge of French culture. Links are made in other subject areas to enhance the importance of French within the school community.


Children leave Kingsfield with the confidence to speak a new language and an interest in foreign language learning, as well as the knowledge and understanding of a culture other than their own.