This week, Year 1L had the exciting opportunity to attend the Chatteris Library Literacy Festival. A lovely lady, Ellie, came to visit us in the school hall. We learnt that she was an author and an illustrator, and she bought her very own written story to share with us. It was about her dog who could balance lots of things on his nose! He was so clever and we found it so funny! We learnt that an illustrator is a person who draws the lovely pictures we see in books. Ellie even showed us how to draw a dog, so we got to be illustrators and had a go too! We chose what our dogs could balance on their noses, such as plant pots, other animals and even houses! After that, we went for a walk to the Chatteris Library, where we got to explore lots of new books from the shelves and shared them with our teachers and friends. Then, we went into another room and another kind Lady, who was called Jane, helped us to describe our own dog drawings. Our dogs had lots of powers, such as being super good at jumping, rolling, licking, and ball catching. We got to colour our dogs in whatever colours we wanted too! We had such a fun morning!